Hail the Necrowizard!


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May 14, 2011, 12:24:10 AM
Jesus Incestus

01. Incest Is Prefered In The Kingdom Of Heaven   
02. Masturbating Upon God's Throne (And Then Asking Him To Eat It)
03. God Created Dave Mustaine And Therefore He Too Is A Faggot
04. Satan's Unholy Lair Of Death And Lies
05. Death To Jesus


Destroying The Deadly Omega Aftermath

01. Impaling The Untrue Posers Upon The Fjords Of Abaztatakruhrkatrhshk
02. Jesus Lives In A Cottage In Scotland
03. Amidst The Fury Of The Stone Gods With Hands Of Steel Who Crush Those Who Oppose The Commands Of The Almighty Necrowizard
04. That Which Has Been Done Shall Not Be Undone As It Has Been Done That Way And Undoing It Would Be Gay
05. The Flaming Power Of The Nocturnal Warlord Who Is Afraid Of Fire But Uses It Anyway Because Dave Mustaine Won't Shut The Fuck Up
06. Unmerciful Reign Of The Nazinigger Overlord
07. Murdering Those Who Were Murdered By The Murdered Murderer's Murderer (They Shall Be Murdered)
08. Die For Acoustic Black Metal


Dave Mustaine Is A Fucking Faggot

01. Frostbitten Symphonic Deathrow Of Time And He Who Chooses To Oppose The Mighty Kingdom
02. The Watchers Of Catal Huyuk
03. Stomping On The Faces Of Faggot Jehova's Witnesses Who Knock At Your Door At Early Hours In The Morning
04. Unbaptising Jesus
05. The Unrivaled Wickedness Of The Necrowizard For He Is The True Lord


Hellish Niggerwinds Of The North

01. Frostside Of The Necrosatanic Warriors Fighting Against Those Who Must Be Fought Against
02. Darkened Eclipse Of The Eternal Suffering Upon The Unforgiving Mountains Of Shkkjiikjjjii
03. Unholy Forces Unite Against The Angry Christians Who Are Pissed Off Because Some Faggot Killed Himself
04. Mark's Mother Is A Dinner Lady
05. March Of Black Hordes


Defrosting The Poserwomb

01. Slaying The Posers With The Truest Of Metal Upon The Unholy Fields Of The Undead Where Satan Lies With Unholier Necroyetis To Summon The Most Unholy Of Unholy Winds (Unintro)
02. Mountains Of Deep Shrouded In Unholy Fog Of Mysterious Doom
03. Upon The Dead Remains Of Rkdrkjnifghjnkzkzkz To Summon The Winterdemons Of Hell
04. The Risen Dead Of Deadly Might
05. Vomiting Upon The Holy Book Of Lies (Setting Up Camp On Dave Mustaine's Chin)

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