The Old Testament 1988-1991 A.C.

Started by Teh, October 31, 2011, 04:44:07 PM

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Another compilation coming out. Similar to Old Stuff and The Early Years, but there's some stuff I haven't heard.

Disc 1

    1st Demo
    47 Song Demo
    88 Song EP - Part One
    88 Song EP - Part Two
    Live In Indiana
    A.C. Side Of Split 7" With Seven Minutes Of Nausea
    A.C. Songs From Apocalyptic Convultions 10" Comp
    5,643 Song E.P. - Part 1
    5,643 Song E.P. - Part 2
    Another E.P. - Part 1
    Another E.P. - Part 2
    Live In Schwabisch Hall, Germany - April 3, 1990
    Live In Berlin, Germany - April 20, 1990

Disc 2

    A.C. Side Of Split 7" With Meat Shits
    A.C. Side Of Split 7" With Psycho
    A.C. Songs From The Master Of Noise 12" Comp
    Side One Of Unplugged E.P.
    Side Two Of Unplugged E.P.
    Side One Of Live E.P.
    Side Two Of Live E.P.
    Riverbottom Nightmare Band
    Boy George
    Anal Cunt Theme Song (Instrumental)
    Even Newest H.C. Song #1
    Precursor To Song #6 (Instrumental)
    Song #5


i'm excited about this. the early years comp has been oop for a while, so it'll be nice for people who don't have it.


Most excellent.


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