impaled northern moonforest started out of boredom around 3 am one morning in early 1997. seth and josh were bored and decide to make up a stupid joke black metal band, but someone was sleeping in the other room, so josh used his acoustic guitar, and seth played "drums" on his leg and mattress. i.n.m. never really planned on doing much more than that. then, one day, there was a 3 day hardcore festival in rhode island. spazz was headlining the first day. seth and josh wanted to see spazz the night before in boston, but they were playing an AxCx. show the same night. so, anyways, the promoter called seth and asked if he knew of any bands who could fill in since a lot of bands canceled. after saying no, they had a scheme, throw a band together, and have seth's little brother be in it so he could drive us there(seth & josh didn't have cars at the time). they decided to have the band, impaled northern moonforest be that band. so, after stopping at some dumb cunt's house to buy coke, they headed down to rhode island. seth's brother isn't at all interested in being in a band, so it's funny seeing how nervous he was. after all this to see spazz, josh only watched about 1 song, and seth was too busy drinking and doing coke outside the club to be bothered watching them. later that year, they did more shows (just seth & josh, seth's brother only played keyboards for one show)with the likes of Anal Cunt ,insult,gang green,etc.. they also filled in when monstrosity showed up late for a show. at the gang green/AxCx./insult show, i.n.m. sold a demo(which later turned up to be on the 7"). the song titles on the demo are completely different than the 7". seth & josh lost thier copies of the demo cover that had the original titles on it,and had to make up new ones for the 7". if anyone has a copy of this demo with a cover, please email seth. a couple people bought demos at that show. anyways, i.n.m. played a few more shows (including one with AxCx./324/etc. in tokyo,japan) and broke up. there are rumors of i.n.m. doing something new eventually......



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