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Wicked Sick Records now also offers professional, customized services to other bands including:
- Studio production; recording, mixing, & mastering records/CDs - Specializing in Seth Putnam's trademark raw, unpolished    
  sound  (i.e., the way this kind of music is supposed to sound...without any lame computer effects, etc.)
- Management
- Distribution
- Lessons (guitar, bass, drums, and vocals)
- Design including album/cover art and affordable website design
- Session work & guest appearance (subject to discretion and availability)
- Consultation (packages available include expert advice for as little as an hour to providing long-term/ongoing guidance)

WSR stresses that we are offering up our 20+ years experience in the underground music industry to help your band establish, present, and promote itself without losing YOUR unique style, and to help you find the "perfect" sound for YOUR band
(i.e., not simply making your band sound like any of OURS...)

Whether you're looking for continuous support or a one-off lesson/consultation session, we will likely have something to offer that will help you and your band get to where you want to be - where ever that is.

For more information, including rates and availability, contact:  seth@wickedsickrecords.com

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